Sailboat Deliveries

We specialise in delivering racing dinghies to European events. This enables helm and crew to fly without the added time and stress of getting their boat there. We have two six boat road trailers as well as a number of other trailers and can take many different combinations of boats. We are based in Emsworth on the South Coast where we load the trailers. Boats can be delivered to us at your convenience and road trailers left until collection after the event.



If you are interested in going to any European events in 2020 or 2021, please contact the office on 01243 377633 to discuss and for a quote.

In 2021 we currently have bookings for:

RS700/800 - Torbole - June 

Musto Championships - Garda - June

RS400/200/100 Garda - July

RS Aero - Garda - August

To book your space on one of these trailers then please call the office. If your event is not in this list, then please phone and we will see what availability we have. 



"If you love driving hundreds of miles across the continent on the wrong side of the road, staying awake on a diet of Pro Plus and Coca Cola, being stopped and given speeding tickets by foreign traffic cops, don't use Sailboat Deliveries to get your boat to a regatta. Who'd want to miss that adventure? 


But if all you want to do is jump on a plane, get to the venue and find your boat waiting for you in the boatpark, Team Sailboat are the people. I've used Sailboat Deliveries loads of times to get to Garda and other places around Europe, and they get it right every time. If your holiday time is precious to you, then get Sailboat Deliveries to do the heavy lifting while you just fly and sail."

(Andy Rice, Yachts and Yachting)